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SureTrax FAQ
Do I need cell (mobile network) coverage to use SureTrax?
How does SureTrax by Instacom report accurate positions?
Is the SureTrax waterproof?
How long do you keep the data and what do you do with it?
Can I use SureTrax when crossing the border into USA or Canada ?
If only 3 wires are needed, what are the extra wires for?
Can I charge my battery while SureTrax is connected to it?
Is there a limit to how many vehicles I can use your services on?
Can more than one person view the information in the phone app?
What happens if I get a new hardware, do I need to buy a new subscription too?
Account Renewal & Cancellation
Refund Policy
How Accurate is SureTrax
Is Suretrax battery powered or hardwired?
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