How It Works

When SureTraxGPS hardware has been installed and is powered on, its location gathered by GPS Satellite and transmitted every 45 seconds via the LTE or Cat M1 network to SureTraxGPS servers.  From there, the information can be displayed on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Setup of the device is extremely simple and takes less than 10 minutes.  The SureTrax device needs three wires to be connected.  Once this has been completed, the device will begin transmitting data.
POWER (7V to 60V DC) RED - Should be connected to a live terminal with power at all times (such as the battery positive terminal)
GROUND BLACK - Should be grounded out on the bike frame if possible, or the battery negative terminal. 
IGNITION ORANGE - Needs to be connected to any power point that is hot ONLY when the engine is running or the keys are in the ACC position.   An ignition fuse for example will work just fine. 


Low power draw is a crucial feature of battery-powered devices as it directly impacts the battery life and overall usability of the device. SureTraxGPS draws very little power (and goes into a low power "sleep mode" when the ignition is off, preserving the motorcycles battery.  Location updates are sent once 6 hours when the ignition is off, preventing a dead battery when you need it most. Rest assured however, if the motorcycle moves, breaches a geofence, or is started up, it will begin sending updates every 40 seconds.